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Lowest Price CNG Kits Delhi
Convert Your car to CNG. We install Government Approved CNG Conversion kit to Car. Just call us on +91-8506070789 and get Rs.500/- more off on the today market Price.

Conventional Kits

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We are a Government Approved CNG Kit Fitment Center Delhi. We Install all Types of CNG Kits at Lower than Market Price. Our Imported Conventional Kits Price Starts @ 21999/-. Call +91-8506070789.


Sequential Kits

Sequential CNG Kit, Sequential CNG Kits, Sequential Kit Price, Sequential Kits Price

We also install all brands Imported Sequential CNG Kits in Car. We are efficient to install Sequential Kits at Lowest Cost & within 5 Hrs. Just Make your booking in advance before you visit to our Workshop...


After Sales Service

CNG Kit Repair, CNG Kits Tuning, CNG Kit Maintenance, CNG Cylinder Hydro Test

We are a Reputed CNG Fitment Center, We take Care of Your CNG Kit Fitting Car Even After Installation of CNG Kits, Free Care of Car & Engine Health, Call Us on:+91-8506070789 for any query..


Welcome to CNG Kits Delhi

Thanks for Visiting CNG Kits Delhi. You are welcome to Convert Your Petrol Car to CNG Car. CNG Conversion Procedure is very simple! You can run your car with CNG as a fuel as well as you continually run your car on petrol. We are Government Approved Workshop for Installation of CNG Kit in Your Car. More than 20 variants of CNG Conversion Kits are available in the market. About 12 different brand of CNG Conversion Kits are imported from Italy and Argentina and rest are Indian Companies that manufacture CNG Conversion Kits. CNG Conversion Kits are two types (1) Conventional CNG Kits (2) Sequential CNG Kits. Sequential CNG Kits are more costly than normal Conventional CNG Kits for are more efficient, provide best torque/ pickup as well as better mileage. We at CNG Kits Delhi install both types of CNG Kits in Car  All types of CNG Kits are Fully Tested and approved by VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute). Complete assembly of CNG Conversion Kits have many parts for example Reducer, Cylinder, Pipes, Fitting Accessories etc.

We install only genuine CNG Kit Spare Parts with Fitting of CNG Conversion Kit in your car during first installation or during repairing. We have installed more than 5000 CNG Kits in Car. Our Fitted CNG Kits have low maintenance and high durability

Why Use CNG as a Fuel in Your Car

CNG is Fuel made from combination of gases methane and ethane. They can be compressed and filled in a cylinder to use it to propel our vehicles. CNG Conversion Kit is the machine that push CNG gas to our engine instead of Petrol. CNG is Cheaper than Petrol and Saves 72% of fuel Cost. Now a days very advance CNG Kits are available due to which we get proper pickup in to our car using CNG as a fuel.